Flora Oven

Flora decoration

Working with Indigo Brave & The Hockerton Housing Project has been a delight.  Creating another Cob Oven from the ground up was a wonderful experience.  As always it is a social, calming and empowering activity to share with others.  The community decided they wanted an oven decorated in flora and everyone had their chance to sculpt with the cob.

Fire bricksFirst firing

I went for an oven that could cope with being able to feed a community and other visiting groups. It even had dog hair in to help it all bond together. Everyone is excited to cook in it, whether it is a birthday party or just a sunday roast, the appetite has been awoken.


Mud kitchen


I have just completed a short but wonderful ‘Together We Learn More’ project at Ogley Hay Nursery School in Walsall.  I supported parents to generate ideas and make this inspiring outdoor kitchen.  They created it with recycled and found materials, ‘everything including the kitchen sink.’  It was great to see the parents so engaged and involved in creating a new outdoor learning area.  The parents shared construction skills and learned how to use hand and power tools.


I would like to thank all the parents for giving up their time for their community, and continuing the ‘Outstanding’ work that Ogley Hay always seeks to  to develop.

20160323_142703   20160323_142707

The Like Post

20151107_173542I have just spent a great day asking young people to consider what they like and to secretly add it to ‘The Like Post.’

These are some of the 300 responses that were left as part of the Circuit Festival activities and events run by Collabor8 at The Nottingham Contempoary.

eye contact – Don’t apologise for being yourself – Windy Days – polar bears – the colour mustard.



Cob Oven building

I have just had the pleasure of supporting Hazel Oak School and their KS3 students build their own Cob Oven over a term. They learned how to lay a foundation, create a brick base and to build with Cob.  They then enjoyed creating a pizza business for a school festival and ran a pizza takeaway for a day.  They were rewarded with more than enough pizza for themselves after creating and cooking over 100 in a couple of hours.  It is now ready for cookery lessons in September.
Through your vision, hard work and dedication something special happened at Hazel Oak School this term.  Students from all abilities, with your direction, engaged in the activities with a sense of purpose during the project.
One student confidently said to me ‘We made the oven, that the pizza was cooked in’. He then went on and explained in detail how he did it with you. His self esteem, confidence and practical knowledge certainly moved up a level.  You have given me the confidence to think outside the box and do something different with our students going forward.

A Shelter for a Forest school to grow

I have just finished making and building a new Shelter for St Peters Juniors School.  It will form the foundation of their new forest School. The canopy is strapped between the trees and anchored down to the ground and will be left up all year round.  There are no excuses if it is raining now.

I cut down some Oak saplings from the school grounds and peg jointed the structure holding the canopy up. I also dug a new fire pit for cooking, warmth and the soul of the outdoor learning program.