Cob Oven building

I have just had the pleasure of supporting Hazel Oak School and their KS3 students build their own Cob Oven over a term. They learned how to lay a foundation, create a brick base and to build with Cob.  They then enjoyed creating a pizza business for a school festival and ran a pizza takeaway for a day.  They were rewarded with more than enough pizza for themselves after creating and cooking over 100 in a couple of hours.  It is now ready for cookery lessons in September.
Through your vision, hard work and dedication something special happened at Hazel Oak School this term.  Students from all abilities, with your direction, engaged in the activities with a sense of purpose during the project.
One student confidently said to me ‘We made the oven, that the pizza was cooked in’. He then went on and explained in detail how he did it with you. His self esteem, confidence and practical knowledge certainly moved up a level.  You have given me the confidence to think outside the box and do something different with our students going forward.

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