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Flora Oven

Working with Indigo Brave & The Hockerton Housing Project has been a delight.  Creating another Cob Oven from the ground up was a wonderful experience.  As always it is a social, calming and empowering activity to share with others.  The community decided they wanted an oven decorated in flora and everyone had their chance to […]

Published article re: The Lost Cuckoo

The participatory arts magazine Mailout has recently published an article about my collaboration with 2hD architects for The Lost Cuckoo public art project. Written as a dialogue between myself, Tom and Thibaut, the article explores the role of artists and architects in the creative process and the idea of holding a creative space for public […]

Workshop at Nottingham Trent University

Workshop run by Marcus Rowlands and 2hD Architects using the cardboard construction module developed for the Lost Cuckoo project. With first year Interior Architecture student, at Nottingham Trent University’s School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment.

The Lost Cuckoo Film

This is a wonderful short film about ‘The Lost Cuckoo’ project that happened last summer. It covers the experimental workshops in schools with families, the process myself and 2hD Architects went through to design the cardboard module(box).  It also highlights the successful pubic involvement of 1000 people building incredible structures over two days at Whee! […]

Using time positively (i)

Tom (2hD) and I recently explored the notion of temporary actions involving the boxes we had created for the Lost Cuckoo Project.  We went looking for urban spaces to inhabit. With stealth and an awareness of scale and perspective, we found ourselves unpacking the boxes from within the car. We were fueled by the light […]

Lost Cuckoo found under cherry trees

What a remarkable festival for The Lost Cuckoo. It was the culmination of months of work with friends and collaborators 2hd and Wheee! Lakeside’s International Children’s Theatre & Dance Festival. Over the two days we had just under a thousand people build and contribute to this live public art project. Families worked together to create […]

Still looking for The Lost Cuckoo

With families from primary schools in Bilborough, 2hd and I have just completed the last design workshops for ‘The Lost Cuckoo’ project.  We now have a box with a cut away on one corner that enables boxes to slot into each other, creating exciting angles, shapes, arches and spaces. We love that the design still […]

The Lost Cuckoo Explored

After the success of the previous workshops, collaborators 2hd and myself have designed the second prototype for The Lost Cuckoo project as part of the International Children’s Theatre and Dance Festival 2011.  The families loved the latest challenge of creating structures with weird angles and perforated corners, even though at first glance they looked just […]

Looking for The Lost Cuckoo

Since Heron Island two years ago I have been conjuring new ideas.  This has lead to working on The Lost Cuckoo, an inspirational new project, with architectural design practice 2hd.  We have started collaborating with families from three schools in Bilborough, Nottingham.  Exploring the use of cardboard, to create temporary sculptural spaces and structures. Over […]

Chair making in the woods

I have just come back from a beautiful weekend making my own chair from green hazel wood.  It was so good to use hand tools and be outside in the stunning Forest of Bowland.  The course was run by the Middlewood Trust, who also run lots of other activities such as Bow Making and Permaculture.  […]