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Mud kitchen

I have just completed a short but wonderful ‘Together We Learn More’ project at Ogley Hay Nursery School in Walsall.  I supported parents to generate ideas and make this inspiring outdoor kitchen.  They created it with recycled and found materials, ‘everything including the kitchen sink.’  It was great to see the parents so engaged and […]

Periscope Tunnel

The Parents group at Ogley Hay Nursery School managed to finish their ‘Periscope Tunnel’ in time for an open day celebration.  It has really helped break up the tarmac and create more opportunities for den building, role play and outdoor learning. The parents designed the space to have a new seated area for the children, […]

Tree Spirits found at Lakeside

As part of the Wheee!! Children’s Theatre and Dance Festival,  I spent the weekend working with families under the trees at the Lakeside Arts Centre in Nottingham.  Working with clay under dappled light, everyone captured tree spirits, both frightening and funny. Whether they were gargoyles, ghosts, animals or imaginative characters, they all created a magical […]

Breaking Ground

After a month of designing and planning the Parents group at Ogley Hay Nursery School, started to clear a new part of the outdoor learning space, and build the new Periscope Tunnel and garden for their children. Everyone was given the opportunity to help and learn new skills.

Parents build a Storytelling Throne

Continuing the ‘Great Outdoors Project’ at Ogley Hay Nursery School a small group of parents braved the freezing weather to design and build a Story Telling Throne.  Made with wood donated  by JB SANDS saw mill, the parents quickly saw the potential to enable the staff to have a designated outdoor reading area. We just […]

Ley Lines

I have just finished a wonderful day at Lakeside Arts Centre working with families exploring the artwork of Michelle Stuart.  The families explored mark making as a way of creating stories and finding ways to link special places with our own ‘Ley Lines’. The families also collaborated to create a special interconnected piece outside in […]

Parents build sand pit

Continuing the wonderful collaboration with Parents at Ogley Hay Nursery School is always a pleasure. The teachers and governors have given us the outdoor environment to design and create new teaching resources, that enable more learning opportunities for the children. The parents have worked with me to design the various spaces, resource materials and learn […]

Published article re: The Lost Cuckoo

The participatory arts magazine Mailout has recently published an article about my collaboration with 2hD architects for The Lost Cuckoo public art project. Written as a dialogue between myself, Tom and Thibaut, the article explores the role of artists and architects in the creative process and the idea of holding a creative space for public […]

Parents Making Together

This was another project with my friends at Ogley Hay Nursery School, Walsall.  We continue to develop a parents group with a focus on working together and alongside the children. The parents loved meeting up once a week for a couple of months.  We worked with window vinyl, coppiced hazel, willow, bamboo and other timber […]

Creative Learning & Play

This was a wonderful opportunity to work with families exploring creative learning and play over a few months.  Session’s were held at Ashby & Warren Hills Children’s Centre’s. Each week I added more and more resources for everyone to explore. We focused on changing the environment to encourage parents and children to creatively learn alongside […]