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Flora Oven

Working with Indigo Brave & The Hockerton Housing Project has been a delight.  Creating another Cob Oven from the ground up was a wonderful experience.  As always it is a social, calming and empowering activity to share with others.  The community decided they wanted an oven decorated in flora and everyone had their chance to […]

Cob Oven building

I have just had the pleasure of supporting Hazel Oak School and their KS3 students build their own Cob Oven over a term. They learned how to lay a foundation, create a brick base and to build with Cob.  They then enjoyed creating a pizza business for a school festival and ran a pizza takeaway […]

Round Timber Framing Course

I spent a wonderful week at Wholewoods learning how to work with round timber for building structures.  I explored butter pat, scribe housing and mortice and tenon joints, to inspire and enable me to start to apply this to my own building projects.  We also played with creating self supporting reciprocal roofs, oak shingles and […]

Using Time Positively (VI)

I needed to create an inexpensive way to insulate my studio, whilst encouraging wildlife and making it look beautiful. Firstly, I reinforced the roof inside to compensate for the extra weight. I secured a layer of insulation on top of the existing felt roof and then lay a waterproof membrane down. Overlaying this with a […]

Using time positively (v)

What a beautiful creation.  What a beautiful way of building.  I soon realised that it was not going to be a self build, but a community build. Over 2 weeks we steadily built the different sections with over 25 friends and family.  Once we had dug the clay soil from the garden we danced and […]

Using Time Positively (iv)

After such a bumper season of apples, I have cleared an area and planted some beautiful varieties. Can you call planting 6 trees an orchard?

Using time Positively (iii)

Walking in the woods and picking mushrooms for breakfast.

Using time positively (ii)

Here are the results of my latest baking.  Barley sourdough, spelt soda bread and baguettes makes the soul transcend paperwork and staring at a screen.  (Note to self) Build a clay oven.

Using time positively (i)

Tom (2hD) and I recently explored the notion of temporary actions involving the boxes we had created for the Lost Cuckoo Project.  We went looking for urban spaces to inhabit. With stealth and an awareness of scale and perspective, we found ourselves unpacking the boxes from within the car. We were fueled by the light […]

Chair making in the woods

I have just come back from a beautiful weekend making my own chair from green hazel wood.  It was so good to use hand tools and be outside in the stunning Forest of Bowland.  The course was run by the Middlewood Trust, who also run lots of other activities such as Bow Making and Permaculture.  […]